IVF legislation


According to the Surrogacy legislation Georgia, in the case of the delivery of a baby by a surrogate mother, a intended parents, and not a gestational carrier, will be registered as the parents of the baby. The birth certificate will be issued after the delivery of the baby. The birth certificate of a baby born by a surrogate is no different from the birth certification of any other children. The consent of the surrogate is not required to register the couple as parents. Even if an embryo obtained from an egg or sperm that was obtained not from an couple, but from a Egg donor, is transplanted to the uterus of a surrogate mother, the parents will be considered the legitimate parents of the baby. To register a couple as parents, the following will be required: a surrogacy agreement concluded by the couple, a certificate of embryo transfer to the uterus of a surrogate mother issued by an Vita Nova Clinic, and a certificate of the fact of childbirth issued by a maternity hospital. The process for issuing a birth certification is very simple and does not need a lawyer.

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For the purpose of artificial fertilization it is possible to use a female and male sex chromosomes or an embryo preserved by freezing method. Preservation time is defined by a couple’s wish, in the established order.