Everyone should have the opportunity to be a parent

Surrogacy for HIV+

At Vita Nova, we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to be a parent. We’re proud to support and help HIV+ intended parents achieve their dream of parenthood through surrogacy safely and securely.

What is SPAR?

SPAR – the Special Program of Assisted Reproduction has allowed thousands of HIV positive men to have their big families throughout surrogacy. Vita Nova Clinic is proud of having assisted many families through this program since 2009. And provide Surrogacy for HIV positive.

SPAR has helped to bring more then 300 babies into the world safely through the surrogacy process with no transmission of the virus. The HIV program combines sperm testing and washing for safe fertility process.

Living with HIV positive doesn’t prevent you from having a child safely throughout surrogacy. It’s possible to have a child as an HIV positive man through the SPAR and surrogacy through Vita Nova Clinic.

How does the SPAR process work?

The medical procedure include sperm from the Potential father being collected and diagnosed. Any samples consisting the virus of HIV or all other significant pathogen are discarded. Very important to note, that only 15% of sperm samples from an HIV men on anti-retroviral therapy actually carrier the HIV virus. Healthy semen is “washed” for added protection. Washed sperm is free of the semen. Sample is then frozen for shipping and Cryopreservation at Vita Nova Clinic where the IVF procedure takes place.

The 4 steps in the SPAR process

  1. Consultations with Potential parents and Surrogate mother. Both Potential parents and Surrogate mother will have discussion with Vita Nova Clinic clinic about what the SPAR, how the program work, and if there are any risks to the Surrogate mother in the SPAR procedure.
  2. Specimens Collection, following FDA protocol. The infected HIV men will visit the Vita Nova and donate a semen sample
  3. Semen testing. Then the semen will be checked for presence of virus using the HIV PCR DNA assay. Depending on outcome after that “washed” using a centrifuge to separate the semen from the seminal fluid. Washed semen are suspended in a new solution and cryopreserved.
  4. Specimen is ready. The specimen is then transported for embryo transfer and fertilization.