Surrogate Mother care in Georgia

Surrogate mother

We know choosing a surrogate mother is a critical component to your program with us. You want to feel secure in your decision and know you have made the right choice for your family, with no doubts. That is why we work diligently to ensure each of our surrogate mothers meets an established list of criteria prior to being added to our database.


All surrogate mothers are young, healthy, and have proven medical records with a devout commitment to successfully carrying the pregnancy to term. That way, you can rest assured knowing that not only did you make the right choice, but you’ll have a healthy baby by the end of your program as well.

Exceptional Surrogate Mother Care

At Vita Nova, we understand the importance of the role our surrogate mothers play. Their selfless gift of life deserves the utmost in both care and respect, so we are completely dedicated to providing every surrogate with the best possible care for their physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. At every step of the program, our team is here with empathy and compassion, ready and eager to do everything they can to make sure your chosen surrogate is comfortable and safe at all times throughout the duration of your program.   


Surrogacy with Vita Nova

    Because each of our surrogate mothers go through a careful selection process that includes rigorous screening, and all programs are carried out with the skill and expertise of experienced and dedicated professionals, we are proud to offer all of our parents high success rates. We are excited to share your journey with you by offering the hope and assistance you need to make your dreams of parenthood a reality.