Success in surrogacy

Success in Surrogacy programs

The success in surrogacy program consists of many factors, each of which is of enormous importance for success. We know firsthand that only an integrated approach to the issue determines the outcome of the program, and therefore we pay attention to every detail. The formula for the success in surrogacy is the result of many years of work on all the nuances of the process. So, what does success consist of:

When choosing a clinic and a doctor, it is important to follow not only the recommendations of friends or reviews on the Internet, but also listen to your inner voice. It is important that the doctor and the patients are on the same wavelength, and that there is a trusting relationship between the participants in the process, because real miracles happen in co-energy. You should also pay attention to the experience of a specialist, as well as get acquainted with the success rate of the clinic.
The mood for success

Perhaps this is one of the main factors that affects the success in surrogacy program and the onset of pregnancy on the first attempt. We understand how stressful this method of infertility treatment is for many parents, and we also understand the importance of the right attitude and faith in success. If it is difficult for you to cope with worries and anxiety on your own, we recommend that you undergo at least one consultation with a psychologist before conducting the program in order to start implementing your plans in a calm and confident state. It’s no secret that we get what we believe in, so the right attitude is half the success.

Selection of a surrogate mother
A surrogate mother is the main participant in the surrogacy program, and her selection should be approached with maximum attention. At Vita Nova Clinic, we take this responsibility upon ourselves, selecting for you the best candidates who are clearly aware of their responsibility, fully examined and ready to join the program immediately. We take on all the risks associated with a surrogate mother, and if for some reason she cannot reach the moment of embryo transfer, we will immediately select another candidate.

During pregnancy, surrogate moms need special attention. It is important that there are people nearby who are ready to provide her with the necessary help and support. Throughout the pregnancy, there is a personal curator next to the surrogate mother, accompanying the surrogate to every appointment at the clinic, providing assistance in everyday and psychological issues. Our curators often become real friends for surrogates, they are always ready to help and support. At the same time, curatorship is an incessant monitoring of the surrogate mother’s lifestyle, compliance with all recommendations and prescriptions of doctors, timely medication intake.

It is also important where the surrogate mother’s pregnancy will be conducted.

Our gynecologists and obstetricians specializing in the management of pregnancies after IVF, which have their own characteristics.