Surrogacy at Vita Nova

Services and Packages

All services provided by Vita Nova, surrogacy packages, have perfect balance of price and quality. The outstanding peculiarity of all our packages is “all-inclusive” basis. Depending on the package you choose, you can be provided with the following services.

Our main principle is guaranteed result and no waiting list. It means that in case of failure we’ll be trying again and again until we get the desired result and you travel back home with long-awaited baby. It’s already covered by your contract and doesn’t require any extra fees.

Whatever medical examinations you need within your program, they all are covered by your contract. Even if you have already been examined in other clinics and the reason of unsuccessful treatment wasn’t determined, we will do extra checkups in order to make treatment effective and get the desired result.

All our packages include all medications for hormonal stimulation in framework of your program, vitamins, medical expenses and services of medical staff.

Our legal service department and English/Chinese speaking manager will assist you in getting all needed documents, medical and civil birth certificate, notary legalization, genetic testing and baby’s passport as quick as possible.

Vita Nova has its own car fleet with drivers who know the peculiarities of clinic’s work and your transportation.

Each day we examine up to 200 candidates who want to donate their eggs, and only 20% of them comply with our strict requirements to prospective egg donors’ physical and psychological health, age, having at least one healthy child restriction, and of course – pleasant appearance. Our donor base has an outstanding advantage – you have an opportunity to choose donor on your own. Thus, you are provided with her photos and interview. Our donor base is one of the largest in the world. It enables us to start program just after signing up contract with no wasting time on searching for a donor.

It is a genetic testing performed to the embryo prior to the implantation. You can make sure that embryos are healthy.

When your baby is born, there will be a qualified and skilled pediatrician to take care of your baby’s health. He will teach you the basis of newborn’s care and will call on you regularly during all your stay in Georgia.

There will be a babysitter who is familiar with newborn care. Thus, she will be there to help you with the baby at any time of day and night, and if needed – she will help you contact the necessary specialist in the clinic.


Surrogacy with Vita Nova