Intended parents

What are the emotional experiences of the couple after the birth of the surrogacy baby

Intended parents go through many difficulties to achieve a successful pregnancy through IVF and surrogacy. Surrogacy is, in fact, one of the most complex and patient medical processes. The thinking parent feels overwhelmed by the success of the surrogate procedure. This is the happiest time for any couple in the world to find a successful surrogacy. Childless couples go through many ways to have their own genetically related children. In addition to the medical procedures they undergo, they must also undergo social pressure.
The success of surrogacy usually depends on the IVF clinic. It depends on the health and ability of the surrogate mother and the quality of the embryos to enter the uterus. It also depends on the specific circumstances determined by the fertility hospital. It may take more or less time for you to become pregnant. We have seen parents expecting to be disappointed after first attempts fail. We understand the stage they are going through. We serve many parents from all over the world who visit us for IVF and Surrogacy purposes. They bet a lot. This includes time and energy. We do several embryo transfers to have a healthy pregnancy. Our only effort is to make it a success to make couples happier.
Intended parents happiness
The happiness of future parents after a successful birth through surrogacy knows no bounds. It’s time to celebrate after so much stress that the couple went through on their surrogacy journey. At Vita Nova Clinic, we provide these successful parents with extra help to help them cope better. It was a life-changing period for them. At this moment we understand their great joy and satisfaction. Today, they need proper leadership so that they do not get carried away.
Satisfaction after all the stress that intentional parents underwent

Intended parents go through a lot of stress during IVF. They postpone a lot of things just because they have their genetically related children. They will go through screening, legal, financial and psychological procedures that will prepare them for the alternative procedure. This process includes the publication of their medical and social information, examinations and other verification documents. Therefore, happiness after the success of surrogacy becomes very important for them. Every couple wants their own children. Many times they cannot give birth to their own children for unexplained health reasons. Some of them are considering adoption to have a child at home. Some of them go primarily to surrogacy to bring home the bond of happiness.

As a fertility clinic, we are also responsible for the proper management of planned parents. We participate in the correct solution of personal and psychological problems of the intended parents in relation to the stress they experience in the process of surrogacy. We talk to parents at certain intervals to keep their mental stability on track. We take regular sessions with them through every step of the surrogacy process to keep their morale high. This includes advice on success, directions and prescribing preventive measures.

We help couples deal with emotional distress in the following ways:
Postpartum medication: We ensure that the intended parents are right about the medication that should continue after the birth of the child. There is a chance that the intended parents will be surprised and lose the drug. Our medical consultants provide their medical procedures to ensure the well-being of the newborn. We monitor vaccinations and other needs of children.

Regular communication: After delivery, it is important to maintain continuous communication with parents. We do it via Whatsapp, email and phone. We provide ongoing telephone support to our international expectant parents. All our intended parents are always welcome to contact us with any questions after the birth. We accept their questions carefully and answer them as soon as possible.

Pediatrician visit: Intended parents are advised to be careful when caring for their newborn. Our doctors visit them at home to monitor the child’s progress. Intended parents often do not have sufficient confidence in caring for the child. Our doctors prescribe all the necessary methods of care for the better health of the child.

Legal documentation: Vita Nova Clinic is here with the help of all legal documentation procedures that need to be performed during the surrogacy process. We helped the intended couple delete their documents from the embassy. Our Lawyer participate in the procedure to make it easier for the intended parents. We provide full support in the preparation of documents. We help with processing requests that need to be forwarded to the embassy. This makes it easier for the intended parents to obtain their children’s birth certificate.

Travel support for international parents: There’s nothing happier than seeing a newborn come home to their parents. We are delighted to see the facial expressions of parents who are all ready to bring their children home. At the same time, we understand the demands that future parents must undergo in order to give consent for their child. Our litigation team helps expectant parents obtain their child’s passport and return home without restriction.

Typically, you should wait one to two years from when you join a surrogacy organization to when you have a baby.

Even with a surrogate mother, choosing a caring woman to bring her child is a way for the intended parent to establish a biological relationship with the child and give birth to the child they have always dreamed of. This woman is known as a surrogate mother.
Surrogacy is a long-term job. Services for expectant parents begin with screening and continue until the child arrives home. Each surrogacy process has a different duration. It depends on many factors, including:

-Donor’s needs

-Donor’s screening

-Matching donor

-Surrogate mother health and experience

-Medical procedure through IVF process

Even after complete ovulation, there is still room for confirmation of pregnancy. It causes a lot of stress. Surrogacy goals, choices, plans, and interests also affect success. It also depends on the number of completed pregnancy cycles and the number of embryonic changes. Again, in some cases, the legal implications associated with the procedure require caution. So, in a nutshell, in order to prepare the parent to finally become a surrogacy parent, they have to go through a lot of trial and error. As a surrogacy organization, we are always committed to providing the best possible service. We focus on each case until it is complete.