Doctor Mari Mikadze

• Candidate of Medical Sciences
• Fertility doctor, obstetrician-gynecologist
• Deputy Director of the Center for Reproductive Medicine
• Head of the gynecological department
• Experience over 15 years
• Graduated from the Latvian Medical Academy in 1997 Riga
• She passed clinical internship in obstetrics-gynecology at the Postgraduate
Academy of Medical Sciences, Moscow
• Clinical residency in the specialty gynecology-endocrinology Scientific Center
of Endocrinology, Moscow
• Specialization in hysteroscopy Moscow
• Specialization in Reproduction (IVF) Hadassah University Hospital, Jerusalem
• Specialization in Reproduction (IVF) Vilnius
• Specialization in Reproduction (IVF) St. Petersburg
• RAHR and ESHRE member
• Specialist for infertility, miscarriage, pediatric gynecology